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Friday, October 9th, 2009
7:41 pm
free essential oils
I have some random opened bottles of essential oils I'm getting rid of. Anyone local or somewhere i might be going want them? There's rose otto, clary sage, jasmine, lily of the valley, mountain spruce, and some lightbulb rings with more spruce and one claiming to have an island breeze scent.

still can't find the thing i was looking for, but at least i'm getting rid of some stuff.
Monday, September 28th, 2009
4:56 pm
you know you want it . . .
does anyone local want a comfy couch or have any other ideas how i might get rid of one (preferably without having to move it myself)?
Sunday, September 13th, 2009
5:30 pm
ah, the wonders of technology
Note to self: consider rebooting your phone and/or trying other methods of contacting people before assuming that everyone is busy or just not interested in responding to texts just now. This is not the first time that you've been able to send, but apparently not receive text messages for days at a time.
Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
5:13 pm
housing in camberville/medford area?
Hello everyone, long time no post, eh?

For those who are relatively local, I'm looking to move back to the somerville/medford/cambridge area and searching for more housing leads. I've already been looking at queer housing list and contacted a few there already.

The details:
I'm an easy-going, queer, bio-f, 30-ish professional who would like to share a place with one or more friendly folks. I need a medium to large bedroom for queen size bed, dresser, etc. Storage space is a plus, but not required. W/d there or close by also a major plus. Harvey the house rabbit will also be moving with me, so somewhat pet-friendly also a plus (or at least not allergic to rabbits). You already have pets that might get along well with Harvey? Great, I'm a vet :) I would love to move sometime in September.

Let me know if you hear of anything!


Thursday, February 19th, 2009
10:51 pm
update now home from ER (since LJ ate my other one)
So after more than 4.5 hours of sitting around and being shuffled from room to room, I managed to:

- collect several identifying bracelets I am convinced no one ever looks at and get instructed to wear a johnnie and a lead skirt. I later gave up on someone ever coming back to tell me whether it was ok to get dressed again and tried to get someone's attention to find out if i could put my own clothing back on. For about 20 minutes.
- get lectured at by no less than 3 people (one of which may have been a nun) about why it is a bad idea to nuke unborn children because i refused a pregnancy test. Frankly, if i was a victim of an unborn child infestation, i would rather they get dealt with at the small bundle of cells stage rather than continue to grow, but that did not seem to be an appropriate response, so i went with "please, i'd just like to sign a waiver and get my xray." Don't get me wrong, I think some children are great. They just shouldn't be hanging around my internal organs.
- have a nosebleed. twice. and have to track down someone to get me an icepack. I was beginning to wonder if i should have brought even more packs of tissues.
- answer the doctor's questions about his parrot. He started asking them in the middle of taking a history. I'm not kidding. Hello? I'd like to tell you about why I am here in the hopes I can get some answers, maybe some treatment, and get the hell out of here.
- not laugh when the guy in the cubicle next door tried to make a break for it and got chased down by security. Right, I'll just stay right here then and wait, shall I?
- get the bed into a vertical position instead of horizontal when trying to get a comfortable way to lay down. Whoops. Chair is just fine, I guess.
- lose my car and have to stumble around the outside of building in the snow to try to figure out which entrance (it had closed since i had gotten there) I needed to find. Gave up and went back inside, asked security to help me find the other entrance. Eventually found car, cleared off snow, bounced off only a few snowbanks on the way home.

And the verdict? It's a virus. There is pretty much nothing they can do. Walked out with a prescription for cough medicine and minus a decent block of time i will never get back. Not to mention that now it's past my bedtime, I need to get to work in the morning, I am feeling a bit better, but still not very good, and I'm wondering how I am going to stay awake through tomorrow if I have literally spend the vast majority of the last 2 days sleeping. Well, at least i probably have some interesting dreams to look forward to.

Current Mood: tired
7:16 pm
emergency room
phone posting from ER.

the hospital here clearly has a different definition of 'triage' than what I am used to. when we used to 'triage' cases, it meant you get your ass out there within seconds to minutes of the patient showing up to see if they were stable and could wait for further medical attention or if they were likely to, say, die I'm the waiting room while you fussed around with less critical cases. I've been here nearly an hour and still haven't seen the 'triage' folks that were supposed to be out to see me momentarily. Now, i'm perfectly stable and *don't* need to be seen immediately, but if I had come in with an arrow sticking out of my ear and triage had taken this long I could easily be dead by now.

I'm cranky at being forcibly subjected to loud television, having nowhere to lay down over here, and having to be here by myself. I tend to feel off if I don't get out of the house at least once a day or have some sort of social contact and I missed my entire day off due to this crud. Driving was a bit of an adventure and the place is less than 2 miles away. I hate not living closer to more people I know, but I don't want anyone to catch this, either.
Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
11:57 pm
Make that more like 1 to one and a half months, since she needs the place empty if she is to show it to rent to others, which means I need to be out earlier.

so, anyone have leads on folks who might be looking to share a place somewhere along 93 north of boston? I'm considering moving closer to medford area if i can be close enough to make commute not be much longer than what it is currently. I'm realizing that being on 495 is actually a decent bit off of the 93 run and that i may be able to head further south without extending commute by much.
12:56 pm
short update, too much to do, possible move
It was lovely to see so many folks at arisia this year! A big reason why I go to some of these things is getting to reconnect with people I haven't seen in a while, even if only briefly as we rush in different directions. Always funny to see who knows who and have people i have known for many years from different contexts try to introduce me to each other. Sometimes there are a lot fewer than 6 degrees, i guess. More later if time . . .

Fir dropped some big news last night. She's been accepted into a program that will have her living in New Zealand for a year, leaving beginning of April. That gives me about 2 and a half months to either move or find a roommate and stay here, paying significantly more in rent and utilities, but still likely more affordable than a lot of other locations. I've got some thinking to do. I moved to this area to live here, with her, and drew my "willing to commute this far" circle surrounding this location. My current job was at the farthest point north on that circle and I'm not really willing to move any farther north closer to job because I am already farther from boston area than I would like (it prevents me from being able to get to a lot of things due to travel time when time is short already). I've already spent a lot of time, energy, and resources trying to get moved into where I am now and I don't even want to think about doing it all over again, especially since I haven't even finished unpacking a lot of the stuff here. It also basically takes away any motivation to unpack any more and makes the whole situation feel more temporary, less secure. It's a feeling i don't like and have a lot of not so great history around. If I stay, i can not have wasted all the settling in. The place is kinda growing on me. 2 people instead of 3 is likely to have it be a bit less crowded, but sharing space with a stranger works differently than with friends and i might end up with functionally less space than before since sharing less. Many of the changes, like the bed frame, are only likely to work in this space. On the other hand, i could move somewhere where i could have Tyler here with me and i do miss my dog. This could be a chance to go somewhere closer south, but that would be farther from work. I'm concerned about feeling isolated again if i'm not with people i know anymore. It isn't as if people generally want to go this far to this tiny place to visit and hang out. I have a little bit of time to figure it out, but in the general scheme of things either moving or finding a roommate, it isn't that much time. So. Some thinking to do.
Sunday, January 4th, 2009
9:35 pm
After a lot of searching through boxes and piles, I found the spare phone! I now have an activated phone and can get and make calls. Unfortunately, the old phone is likely not salvageable, meaning i will likely lose a lot of pictures, memories, and contact info. I'm not giving up hope quite yet, but it's not looking good. Thanks to all the folks who have sent contact info so far, I appreciate it. For the rest of you, please let me know if you think I should have your contact info. You could send me a text! If you need my number to do this, let me know :) I think it's amazing that an object i would never have thought of using 10 years ago i now can't seem to function without. I'll certainly be making more of an effort to do regular backups from now on! Speaking of which, maybe it's time to get an external hard drive, too.
12:13 am
The thing about putting an object somewhere "safe" so that it won't get lost is that often it won't get found, either. harumph.
Friday, January 2nd, 2009
3:56 pm
research online suggests that phone is having a "death spiral" and is not going to be fixable. makes me hate sprint more for not replacing my phone when they should have last year. Anyway, if you think i should have your contact information, please let me know. screening comments to allow for sending of contact info.

Edit: Also, please send birthdays, plans we might have, and other info you think might be relevant. Thanks!
3:23 pm
I am a miserable sick person. Ugh. I hate it when i sneeze and it makes my hands hurt. In other news, i think my phone is having a seizure. Considering administering valium, but would know how to get it in the little holes. I don't like that i can't talk about work on LJ because it means i am not really recording experiences at all and i think this would be a good place to have some record of some of my experiences. more update later, more bed now.
Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
5:41 pm
the amazing reappearing Harvey!
It seems the recent LJ upgrade caused the pic swap for a number of people. Clearing the history, etc. fixes all. I always knew Harvey could go invisible, I just never expected him to replace himself with Justin Timberlake. Silly lagomorph.
3:08 am
My user pic was a picture of Harvey, the bunny, until quite recently. Just now, i noticed that it had somehow become this other picture instead. Any ideas as to how my user pic could change itself into something else? More importantly, how do i get Harvey back and get rid of "jc and justin"???
Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
2:06 pm
local tailor?
hello there, oh great brain of LJ land :)

thanks for the name tag leads, i'm checking out the staples site now and looking for a paw print logo (or maybe the vet symbol, which is similar to the doctor one, but not identical) to import for it. I think I'll go with the tuck-in-the-pocket style unless people have tried it and find it falls out or something. Anyone have experience with this versus the magnet type?

Also, I am going to need some tailoring done on my lab coats as well as some dress pants and likely some shirts as well and I have just been informed that the tailor that my family has used (yes, we're all short) as long as I can remember just moved to florida. Can anyone recommend a good tailor local to where I am now (north of boston, the closer to haverhill, the better)? I can just use the yellow pages or something, but would like to find one that i know does decent work. Thanks!
1:34 am
nametag. need to get a nametag made from somewhere for work. Anyone know where i can get one made?

in other news, was thinking my temperature regulation was still off, but rats are flat, so maybe is just warm in here now :) had to reorganize up-ladder storage area to make room, so didnt' get as much stuff done with unpacking due to unexpected stuff to do. still a bit snuffly, but not snot monster like this morning. hopefully cold is short lived! oh, right, there's tea . . .
Monday, August 18th, 2008
6:43 pm
grr. distracted by finding very funny story on beet pulp and have now totally forgotten the Very Important Things i was supposed to be adding to the list of things to do. on the plus side, cold medicine is a very very nice thing to have, as is steamy shower goodness for partially clearing out sinuses. I do think that staying home may be best bet for the evening, though. oh, well. for those who might be interested in reading this incredibly amusing story, here it is:

Thursday, August 7th, 2008
11:49 pm
leaving iguazu and back to beunos aires
Did a bit of shopping including picking up a small book on argentinean cooking that allowed us to identify some of the things we had eaten so far. Took this book to all meals after that as reference. Was very sad to leave Iguazu, there was a lot I would have liked to do there that there wasn't time for and if i ever go back, i will go back for longer. Beautiful, peaceful area, plenty of places to walk, chances to see a lot of wildlife of various types, lots of options other than cow parts for authentic argentinean food. We had a wonderful time and i think this was a great side trip.

Flew back to buenos aires to original hotel for the last night and went to a dinner and "tango show" of dancing, singing, and fantastic music with a band including the bandoleon, the traditional instrument tango music is played on. Sort of like an accordion. We had originally thought to avoid the "tango for export" shows and go to a milonga, one of the tango clubs where the locals go. Less flashy, but also would result in me and my father basically sitting in a bar watching locals dance. We gave in and went to a show in San Telmo, where tango was born. They also had a set in the middle by a different band, more andes-area music, it seemed, only they played what sounded like a number of cover songs (did paul simon take "i'd rather be a hammer than a nail . . ." tune from them or vice versa? I thought the harpist at iguazu was just having an odd choice until heard it at show, too). The leader was almost a one man band by himself with a flute in each hand, various percussion instruments, and pan pipes. Very impressive. Attention span got a bit short towards the end, but was definitely worthwhile. Incidentally, learned that tango was originally invented by men dancing with each other while waiting for their turns in whorehouses. Romantic, eh?

was kind of hard to be back in the city after iguazu. i'm really more of a rural than an urban person, i guess, even if i do like to have stuff nearby when i need it. Buenos aires can be a pretty busy and dirty town, too. with its own quirks. like dogwalkers that walk 10 dogs at a time. impressively elaborate and large shantytowns. stray dogs all over (i seem to attract them. my dad joked that he couldn't leave me alone for 2 minutes without coming back to find me with an animal after he went to find something and came back to find a dog following me around and waiting outside stores when i went inside them). boxy old cars that they drive close enough to each other that i'm amazed they don't touch, especially at those speeds. horses right outside of town that graze in the banks of highways, not confined in any way, but wearing saddles, etc. Skinny, well-dressed people who constantly keep an eye on fashion. mate as the common beverage instead of coffee. eating dinner between 9pm and 2am, with or without kids. dulce de leche everywhere. a diet containing more beef products than i thought possible. and all of it surrounded by palm trees.

last few hours in buenos aires before airport we explored a pedestrian-only street shopping area. slightly odd mix of high fashion and tacky souveneirs. managed to find small affordable samples of the national stone, a bright pink semi-precious stone only found in argentina and a couple of other local rocks. had a nice walk. finally got some empenadas and saw some sun in the city. paid a small fortune, but got some kinder eggs! headed to airport with plenty of time to pay exit taxes (argentina makes you pay taxes to leave!), deal with security, etc. and for dad to pick up tango dancers sculpture while i had a "club sandwich" (egg salad + blt + chicken at that place, need to remember so can make at home). was annoyed to find that unlike in the states, where you can buy drinks for plane after go through security, there we went through the first set of security, bought a bottle of water 10 feet from the gate, and had it confiscated prior to boarding the plane for the 10 hour+ flight to new york. grr. going through security at argentinean airports in general, however, is so much faster that in the states because you don't have to take off your shoes, take out laptops, etc.

many many hours later ended up back in the states (new york airport kinda sucked and very odd to not have the spanish speaking going on anymore, had gotten used to it). Dad's 25 year old luggage broken and spent a few hours trying to deal with in boston.

more to say about the trip in terms of general impressions, how went with dad, spanish speaking experience, but will have to be tomorrow. i need to make myself a spot to sleep on the floor again.
10:55 pm
further adventures
haven't slept much in last couple of days from traveling and no internet, so very tired and have much to catch up on. please forgive delay getting back on emails, etc. will sleep tonight and start afresh in am.

when we left off, was still in Iguazu (argentinean side) and about to go to Iguacu (brazilian side). Since no car for this leg of trip, Dad's plan was to get a taxi to take us to the hotel in the national park on the brazilian side per recommendation of one of the guide books. (The other way from one park to the other is by bus, but we figured more freedom this way and no hike to get to starting point, plus Dad's back plus bus seats for long drive not good). Grabbed passports, nature guide, cameras, and ponchos, and had the front desk call us a cab. A friendly Argentinean in a completely unmarked car showed up a few minutes later, wrote down the price, and we set off. We soon discovered that he spoke almost no english whatsoever, but we managed to work out that he intended to wait to drive us back rather than having us call another cab. That sounded a bit odd, but ok. Somewhere in the middle of the drive we had to get out, show visas to go to brazil (Brazil does not require visas for most travelers, but Americans have to get them because brazil is annoyed at having to get them for the US. They are expensive and a pain in the butt to obtain, from what i understand, and they only ask for them some of the time), and then continue on to the park itself. After some discussion with a small collection of people (a different taxi driver and at least 3 park officials) who spoke some english, spanish, and portuguese, we discovered that we had to take the bus to the park anyway and that the taxi driver apparently intended to accompany us for most of the day. A quick ride later, we started down one of the more scenic paths to a spot in the middle of Devil's Throat that put us in the center of a horseshoe of huge waterfalls, some above and some below where we stood, and enough spray to form full half-circle double rainbows, which i had never seen before. Pictures really can't do it justice, but we took quite a few anyway, of course. The area is a big tourist attraction and as a result, you walk on a path through dense subtropical rainforest to come out to an area where you can do things like burn a photo cd and email pictures to your friends while you sit at a snack bar. Kind of reminded me of climbing mount washington only to get to the top and find a shopping mall and payphones. More lizards, beautiful birds and butterflies, and a bit of a crowd. We also snapped a few shots of some of the more interesting signage, like the one cautioning people to not "overtake the bannister." Had lunch at a traditional brazilian restaurant serving a variety of new and exciting foods with interesting translations. "Chicken farm" was my favorite. More pumpkin as dessert food, but so was tapioca in red wine and a sort of sweet scrambled eggs. Ended up buying the taxi driver's lunch, too, sort of by accident. Oh, well.

Stopped at a tropical bird place on the way out of town, but had a rushed visit since they weren't open too much longer and the place ended up being quite large despite its outside appearance. This stop ended up being really worthwhile and we still aren't sure why it isn't mentioned all over the guidebooks. I had been a bit disappointed at the lack of birds on out walks and wanted to see some of the local species, even if in a controlled setting, so we checked it out. There were some large zoo-like set-ups with a few individial species, including a number that people in the states routinely keep as pets like African Greys, Amazons of various types, Macaws, Eclectus, Lorikeets, lovebirds, etc. and some waterfowl, toucans, etc. Then came the fun part: aviaries! There were these big walk-through set-ups where you would go in and there would be a bunch of birds flying or walking around you or sitting and squawking and doing regular bird things. Definitely worth a visit. Dad even got to see his favorite: flamingoes, and we got to see hummingbirds up close.

Lessons of the day: When you ask the front desk of the hotel to call you a taxi, make sure they send one of the ones that speak some english (they have a number of them, they just didn't send us one). Also, save time to go to the avenue of the parrots!
Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
11:43 pm
Iguazu: the park, the town, the place where no one can decide on a consonant
Had an interesting time at breakfast with the buffet when faced with a large fruit we could not identify. Looked kind of like a melon, but shaped and sized like a mango and with three stripes. The waitstaff knew what it was, but only in spanish and none of the books were helping, so we tried it. The waiter also came by with juice of the fruit. Cutting into it caused sort of a small explosion of strong juice and unusual filling. We think it's some sort of passionfruit relative. Neither of us were brave enough to try to celery and parsley juice. "A selection of local fruits and cheese mousse" we had with dinner this evening did not include the breakfast exploding fruit, but did include what had previously been explained to me as jellied papaya and candied pumpkin. A book on Argentinean cooking helped explain a few of the things from the night before. Still can't figure out that the tentacle tree is. The fruit tree that seems to be sprouting what Dad described as furry hand grenades is another mystery. Taking pictures in the hopes of finding names later. Oh, and i think one of the breads in the basket did indeed contain suprise meat and that one of the crackers we were eating in buenos aires may have been made with suet, supporting Dad's theory that everything here involves meat in some way. Or dulce de leche. Or both.

Took the upper trail after breakfast (easiest one to make sure Dad could do without a problem) to the falls today and got some pictures of water, rainbows over the falls, spectacular views, coati (more on them in a minute). Was crowded, we think due to weekend and summer (well, winter here, but still out of school). Took book on local wildlife flora and fauna that follwed the trail, but quickly gave up trying to follow the numbers as plants were not nearly as interesting as some views and was trying to avoid having nose in book. One of the butterflies we aren't supposed to touch landed on my nose and stayed long enough for Dad to take a picture. A complete stranger tourist also took pictures of butterfly on my nose. Iguazu has an insane number of species of butterflies and some are quite beautiful. Did not get very wet by spray since this is the upper trail, above the falls. The lower trail is a bit longer, I'm not sure how it compares to the brazilian side, where we will be tomorrow. Saw a few lizards sunning themselves on rocks by the falls (Tropidurus?) and more noisy low-flying birds (nature book picture most like it is a plush-crested jay). Then came the coati! These raccoon-like creatures also sometimes called coatimundi are frequently found in the park, often trying to get food from visitors by begging, looking cute nearby, or actively climbing into purses and wrestling snacks away. There were a whole bunch of them, several of which looked like they might be younger, rolling around, climbing in and out of trees, throwing each other off branches, crossing the paths, and especially paying attention to anyone who looked like they might have food. This youtube video shows why it's a bad idea to feed wild animals in parks:


But aren't they cute!?!

ok, moving on . . .

Took the park train the wrong way and ended up at the trailhead to the falls at "Devil's Throat," where I'm told we absolutely must go for the best, most spectacular view of all. Unfortunately, Dad wasn't really up for it then, hoping to get to it tomorrow. Or the lower trail. Please. So we got back on the train and headed back down. Some walking, some waiting, got on a public bus to the town of Iguazu, which isn't much to speak of, especially on Sunday when most places are closed there. Whoops. Walked around for a bit and took a bus back. Still no monkeys. Apparently capybaras are made into leather products here. Odd. More cavies this evening in park.

Tomorrow: going to Brazil by taxi. I am told that it isn't very safe over there, so not sure if can bring much of anything besides passport, but hoping camera is ok. View is supposed to be very good and can see more of the falls at once. It sounds like we will also be closer to the massive spray and will likely get wet. Hoping to do some shopping for gifts at some point on the Argentina side and would love to get to Devil's Throat, but we will see, yes?
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